Sunday, March 1, 2009

Star - working for opposition?

Is The Star now secretly controlled by the opposition now, given that they gave front page coverage to the incredibly idiotic interview given by MACC's chief Ahmad Said?  (The Sultan who awarded his Datukship must surely take it back by reason of display of sheer idiocy by Ahmad Said.)

Displays of Idiocy by Ahmad Said:

1. Asking the media to support MACC "like hell" (yes, the Star certainly is!)
2. Stating that the child pornography found in his son's laptop is not pornography in the face of the pronouncement by the judge in Australia that the material concerned was repugnant and abhorrent.. and this in a country where pornography like Penthouse, Playboy is available at newstands.  The judge pronounced the material as repugnant and abhorrent because it is CHILD pornography! 
3. Stating that most men's handphones will have such videos.  Eh, most men are NOT paedophiles!

Yes, MACC is now officially run by a front page idiot, thanks to the Star!

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Malaysian Salt said...

My foot la The star working for opposition. They just want to sell more copies.